As the Commissioning and Outreach Editor of The New Farmer’s Almanac, Vol. VI: Adjustments & Accommodations, I curated, built relationships, and conducted outreach to commission over 80 writers and 40 artists. My writing and editorial eye manifests in my introduction essay, interviews with land workers, and in themes running throughout the book.

I shared developmental edits in the first phase of each written piece.

As well, I offered mentorship and ideation support to writers in the pitch and submission phase. Our goal is to make this project accessible, inclusive, and with a low barrier to entry, despite past writing experience.

My other roles on this project, where in overseeing all edit feedback on design elements and occasionally proofreading needs. Additionally, I acted as the lead project manager of the 6 person Almanac team and as the liaison with our stockists and distributor, Chelsea Green.

Writing Spread and Samples

Fetching Water by Nanci Amaka

Introduction by Renée Rhodes

Constant presencing, attention, and an aptitude for perpetual adjustment: these are very useful skills and ones that regenerative farmers and land workers practice everyday. Those who are attuned to the baseline, who are nimble in response, humble in their pace, and calm in a present of constant change and uncertainty are the skilled workers we need in this moment. Among the writings in this book we find flourishing autonomous expressions of gender, sexuality, community, economy, and temporality as they intentionally intersect with land practices that seek to produce conditions of abundance. These lifeways propagate despite the violence embedded in the land and the bodies of so many people, through cultural norms of nonconsent, dispossession, and white heteronormativity.

Letting the Land Lead: An Interview with Nance Klehm and Renée Rhodes